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2DAGE? What's this ?
It is an engine that will allow adventure game making. In the style of Maniac Mansion, Day of The Tentacle, Sam & Max, Gabriel Knight, Monkey Island .... Which saw the birth of SCUMM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion). It is in the aim of creating such games that this project is born.

So there is an amount of things planned. You can already know that using the SDL and Audiere libraries the engine will be available on both Windows and Linux. The firsts version will eventually be Windows only, but quickly followed by Linux version.

So as the name is saying this engien will be 2D. On the opposite of all 3D recent games. It'll use an easy but powerful, script language, in the aim of allow the gratest amount of people to create games without any required programing knowledge.

This engine will be released under the BSD License. That means the community will have access to the source of the engine and the ability of modifying it, and that it will be free.

I hope to make the version 1.0 for the fall of 2006. Please comme again to the site to check for alpha/beta tests versions, for website updates, and documentation updates. I'm counting on you for testing, feedback, tutorials writing ....

Copyright Aurelien Vandoorine 2004-2006